The Great Story of Evolution


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Standard Presentations

Come take a ride in our time machine as we discover the creatures of times past! A funny, engaging and educational presentation that also includes live manipulations of all types of life forms. Presented as a captivating story that is sure to get everyone’s attention!

These presentations are perfect for classes of primary or high school. The educative material is specifically tailored to the participant’s age group.


The content of every presentation can be modified or adapted by the teacher. Please let us know of your specific needs by phone. The standard presentation includes a more educative section (40-50%) and a section for the manipulation of live insects (50%).

Duration: 1h-1h15


$300 - 2 consecutive presentations

350$ - 3 consecutive presentations

Information on prices

The word “consecutive” signifies that the presentations have to take place one after the other before or after lunch. However, if two animations are reserved in the AM (300$) and another one in the PM, we offer said last presentation for 200$.

Beyond 75km, transport fees are added


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