At AnimaNature, we offer presentations out of the ordinary and perfect for any public. With us, you will enjoy an experience filled with biological discoveries, exciting stories and interactions with extraordinary creatures. So much fun awaits!

No matter the occasion, our presentations are very adjustable depending on your needs and we are open to any idea. Many workshops are also offered, adding to the experience!

Presentation and workshops perfect for:

  • Primary and high schools

  • Birthday parties

  • Day camps

  • Daycares and child centers

  • Libraries

  • Scouts and other youth groups

  • Festivals

  • Work parties

  • And more!


In general, what is included in a presentation?

  • A presentation for one group usually lasts around 1 hour 15 minutes.

  • A more theoretical section commited to learning about biodiversity, ecology, natural history and more, through the passion of a biologist

  • A manipulation section where participants personally interact interact with impressive animals. That is, if they are brave enough of course! You can prefer only to marvel from a distance and that’s OK!

  • Every animation is ajustable depending on your needs and is specifically tailored to the age group.

  • Many workshops can be added to the presentation for an experience you are sure to remember quite a while!


The wonderful world of insects

Presentation on insects



Fabulous Reptiles and Amphibians of Québec

Presentation on retpiles



The fascinating story of life

Presentation on the history of life

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