Reptiles and Amphibians of Québec


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Fabulous Reptiles and amphibians of Québec

AnimaNature presents the fabulous Reptiles and Amphibians of Quebec in an all new scientific adventure, filled with fun and amazement! A specialized animator will come to your establishment and you will have the chance to discover, touch and feel many local reptile and amphibian species. You will learn about their biology, their natural habitat and their particularities through the passion of a biologist.

The contents of our presentations specifically apply scientific theory that is adapted to the age group and is linked to the academic progression in science and technology. Furthermore, we address subjects like ecology and global warming with a conscious approach. That being said, our presentations are carefully adapted to the age group and comprehension of the participants.

Our presentations and workshops are also offered for: special school activities, after school programs, day camps, daycares, libraries, community centers, birthday parties, etc.


Our presentation includes an educational section which can be modulated depending on needs or demands and a manipulation section during which participants will experience close encounters with snakes, frogs, toads and salamanders, all from our local ecosystem!

We bring educational activities to stimulate curiosity and involve the participants in the experience.

For more advanced groups (grade 6 and high school), we offer an identification challenge of our specimens with the help of a scientific identification key, which is usually a university level practice!


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Information on prices 

We only offer the single animation option inside a radius of 50km (greater Montreal) and travel is INCLUDED.

Over 50km, aditional travel fees of 0.50$/km are charged.


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