The Incredible Reptiles and Amphibians


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Presentations on reptiles and amphibians

These presentations will impress everyone! A passionate reptile lover will bring all kinds of reptiles and amphibians native to the Quebec region. The presentation is perfect for any age group and you will get to learn all about the biology and identification of these animals all while manipulating and observing them first hand!

Many workshops are also offered for school activities, guarding service, day camps, child centers, libraries, community centers, etc.


An educative section tailored to the age group and the requests of the tutor. A section for the manipulation and observation of snakes, turtles, frogs, salamanders!


$300 - 2 consecutive presentations

350$ - 3 consecutive presentations

Information on prices

The word “consecutive” signifies that the presentations have to take place one after the other before or after lunch. However, if two animations are reserved in the AM (300$) and another one in the PM, we offer said last presentation for 200$.

Beyond 75km, transport fees are added



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